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To fulfill Customers' requirements and supply quality staff on board the ships under our management we welcome experienced seafarers with good level of English sufficient to communicate with ship and shore personnel. We emphasize importance of English as an internationally adopted common language on board and a mean of communication among seamen traveling between different countries where they must exactly understand other people to act properly and follow applicable rules.

Every candidate must initially present his passport, Seaman's Book and national certificates required under STCW valid for the duration at least 6 months from application date, has passed medical examination and vaccination with Yellow Fever. Please also show details of all flag state documents, if any. Candidates  selected for employment will be interviewed and then presented to pass professional testing and test of English language.


Our general requirements for seafarers are standard:
      - Qualified to the applied Rank and licensed in accordance with the requirements of STCW 78/95
       - Good level of English

       - Medically fit

       - Duly trained and experienced to operate assigned vessels




Alpha Maritime Services offers attractive jobs with valuable wages on the various types of vessels of our Cusomers: tankers, bulkers, container carriers, Ro-Ro, project cargo as well as off-shore vessels.

Please contact our office staff for detailed conditions of employment.

Phone: +372 555 00 191
e-Mail: office@alphacrewing.com