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Alpha Maritime Services
provides crewing solutions for owners and ship managers worldwide. Estonia has it's boarder on West, North and East the water. There is long tradition of maritime education. Nowadays the Maritime Academy is equpped with excellent modern training facilities. A job in the merchant marine is considered an attractive career option for many Estonians, resulting in an increasingly tough competition for admission into the maritime school.


The officers and ratings are trained according to the latest STCW requirements and Estonian Licenses and Certificates are on the International Maritime Organization's Whitelist and widely recognized by maritime authorities all over the world.


Alpha Maritime Services is working with this growing, highly skilled talent pool and staking its reputation on their expertise and performance both at sea and on shore. Today, we can rightly claim to be working with some of the best maritime professionals in the world because of our quality control. All our applicants and candidates are put through a stringent screening process and vetting mechanism on their qualifications, past performance and motivation before being included in our database.

We offer excellent career and training opportunities to all candidates, and our seafarers depend on us for a wide range of professional and personal support. Our relationship with our seafarers is characterized by integrity, loyalty, and a lifelong commitment.



Crewing Service


Alpha Maritime Services is a team of professionals specialized in providing quality human resource services and solutions to ship owners. We are a group professionals with long personal experience in the maritime industry. Our services include crewing management.


Alpha Maritime Services has a database of active and skilled seafarers with extensive sea-going experience on different types of vessels and our talent pool of young officers and engineers is growing every year. Alpha Maritime Services has a peerless record in human capital development for the maritime industry and we regularly arrange training and skill development courses for our officers and crew members.


We adhere to strict quality control standards in all our operations and all applicants and candidates are thoroughly screened on their educational qualifications, experience, performance, people skills and motivation before being proposed to a Customer.


Company Policy

At Alpha Maritime Services, we believe there are no big clients or small clients, and that every client deserves equal attention and ready access to all our resources no matter how long or short our association. We recognize the importance of customer satisfaction and are committed to supplying high quality services that consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. Our clients depend on us to provide superior quality services and manpower for their vessels. Quality and know-how are the main assets of our business and we do not compromise on quality under any circumstance.


Our crew depends on us for their livelihood and we offer them stability, prosperity, security and a chance to enhance their skills through continuous learning. They know how hard we work to find right fit by matching crew to mission requirements. We offer all our applicants and selectees a level playing field in engagement opportunities and frequently advise them on mission requirements, onboard conduct, people skills and many work-related issues. We also offer them a respectful and attentive approach in order to provide the best possible opportunities in work and career development. We offer our cadets good prospects for career advancement, so that these young recruits can benefit from their knowledge and experience.


All shipboard personnel recruited through our office are required to comply, support and contribute to the effective implementation of our policies, which include:


  • Safety and Quality Standards
  • Environmental Protection
  • Human Resource and Occupational Health Standards
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Security Policy 
    Appraisals & Competency

    Performance appraisal and competency mapping is a critical component of our crewing and recruitment solutions because these help determine the right fit for available positions and seafarers. We have a fair and elaborate system of personnel appraisal based on employer feedback and our own assessments which are periodically updated based on competency, performance, training, grading, experience, service record and reputation. We frequently receive and process appraisals and confidential competency reports from our clients which are used as references for promotion, transfer and training requirements.


    Efficient human resource mapping provides critical input to any successful shipping operation. At Alpha Maritime Services, we appreciate how vital this criterion is and go to considerable lengths to ensure proper vetting and selection of crew. We have developed standardized grids on performance and competence measurement that conform to the performance evaluation grids of several shipping majors so that our officers and crew are mission ready well before their job selection. We maintain an automated HR system to record personnel details, monitor document and certification status, assess performance and track career progress of all our crew personnel. Individual crew appraisal forms are updated periodically to ensure continuous monitoring of performance. All crew members are certificated as per the requirements of IMO, STCW and other international regulatory bodies.


    Our appraisals and performance measurement system helps our clients address a number of critical HR issues, including competence, commitment, leadership, honesty, staff satisfaction, and these inputs are utilized to further improve operational efficiency. We regularly provide consulting to vessel owners and managers on how to use our on-board performance indicators to foster long term commitment and loyalty among their officers and crew.





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